How To Clean Your Gas Grill

Finally, you find it. Your perfect grill. You can’t help but admire it’s shiny, stainless steel exterior and untainted cooking grids. Heck, you don’t even want to cook on it it’s so pretty.

But, like all grill owners, you give into temptation. A lot. Before you know it, that perfect grill is looking anything but new.

The good news? That’s perfectly normal. Gril...

3 Important Tips for Choosing a Built-In Gas Grill

Shopping for a built-in gas grill to complete your outdoor kitchen can be very overwhelming. With the abundance of brands, sizes, and features - it’s hard to determine which grill will stand the test of time AND satisfy your grilling needs. Here are a couple of suggestions we share with customers while shopping in our store:

1. Pick a Brand You Know and Trust
2. Pick a Size Appropriate for Your Grilling Needs
3. Know Your Grill Materials

Picking A Brand

Venting for BBQ Island Structures

The popularity of outdoor kitchens has really surged over the past decade. People are getting more creative with their outdoor kitchen designs and unfortunately building regulations have not kept up with the latest trends. Though you may follow "guidelines" or tips on how to make your outdoor kitchen as safe as possible, there are always going to be hidden dangers. One of the most common errors we've seen is the lack of venting.

Why vent?

5 Grilling Tips for your Gas or Charcoal Grill

5 Grilling Tips for your Gas or Charcoal Grill to always keep in mind. Now there are many tips and suggestions for when you hit the grill scene, but if you want to keep things simple, keep these in mind.

1. Get the Grill Hot and Keep it Clean

Just like if you were to cook in an oven, you need to pre heat your grill at least 20 minutes prior to adding any food. The preheat...

Smoked Brisket Chili - From the Smoker to the Pot

Any way you chop it, cut it, saute it, bake it or smoke it - nothing can be better than kicking up a nice pot of chili with a perfectly smoked brisket you prepared on your charcoal smoker or grill.

The fun aspect of chili is you can change it, add to it, remove things, whatever you want to do to enhance certain parts. I took a perfectly smoked brisket that I used the John Hen...

Gas Log Advantages and 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing

Gas logs have many advantages over traditional wood burning solutions. BBQ Outfitters has been selling top of the line gas log and fireplace solutions for more than 10 years. We have worked with many of the leading gas log manufacturers and have learned a tremendous amount about these products. It is important to us to be sure that we are providing the best recommendations for this product.

The gas log solution is not one...