BBQ Outfitters

BBQ Outfitters began in 1998 when Bob Carroll opened a tiny 800 sq' BBQ Grill Store in Rollingwood, Texas. With the help of a sagely mentor named Ron Harper, BBQ Outfitters took on Outdoor Kitchens Products, the Big Green Egg and Weber Grills. With these product lines, BBQ Outfitters grew into a two store operation. In 2004, the Company built a 5000 sq' building with indoor and outdoor showrooms. The Company moved both locations into the single “super store”. In addition to showroom sales, BBQ Outfitters has been in the ecommerce business selling nationwide since 2004.


Customer Testimonials

"If you are the outdoor grilling enthusiast and take your food seriously, then you owe it to yourself to visit BBQ Outfitters."

"This store is the best in Austin area for outdoor kitchen products. I got all my outdoor kitchen appliances from them. Exceptional customer service and reasonable price."

"I'm a big fan of BBQ Outfitters for a number of reasons. The biggest is that I'm a Big Green Egg fan and these guys have an awesome selection of accessories for whatever it is that I want to cook on my BGE."

"These guys did an excellent job helping us design our outdoor kitchen, down to the specs for our masonry work. They helped us pick our equipment, stay within budget and when we received one piece that wouldn't fit, they gave us 100% credit for the piece we decided not to use. Will definitely recommend them and will buy from them in the future."

"Going to this business is like going to a friends back yard.They almost always have something amazing smoking on the grill!"

Latest Posts

How To Clean Your Gas Grill

Finally, you find it. Your perfect grill. You can’t help but admire it’s shiny, stainless steel exterior and untainted cooking grids. Heck, you don’t even want to cook on it it’s so pretty.

But, like all grill owners, you give into temptation. A lot. Before you know it, that perfect grill is looking anything but new.

The good news? That’s perfectly normal. Grills are supposed to discolor just like grill grids are supposed to turn black. It’s just part of the process. Blackened grill grids have the same effect on your food that your grandmother’s seasoned cast-iron skillet has on her food. It provides the food a distinct flavor all its own.


3 Important Tips for Choosing a Built-In Gas Grill

Shopping for a built-in gas grill to complete your outdoor kitchen can be very overwhelming. With the abundance of brands, sizes, and features - it’s hard to determine which grill will stand the test of time AND satisfy your grilling needs. Here are a couple of suggestions we share with customers while shopping in our store:

1. Pick a Brand You Know and Trust
2. Pick a Size Appropriate for Your Grilling Needs
3. Know Your Grill Materials

Picking A Brand

Getting familiar with grill brands is the first and most important step in your buying process. We suggest really taking your time when you’re researching brands so that you can...