36" DCS Freestanding Grill w/ Rotisserie, Griddle & Hybrid IR Burner on Cart, Liquid Propane

MSRP - $ 6,498.00  
Sale Price - $ 6,198.00

SKU: 71277 + 71132

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  • Model # BH1-36RGI-L + CAD1-36
  • Cooking Area - 871 sq. inches
  • BTUs Primary - 75,000 (3 x 25,000 / 1 Infrared)
Available in Natural and LP Gas.
  • Includes 3 cooking zones - infrared hybrid burner, ceramic radiant technology and griddle
  • Patented grease management system effectively funnels grease away from food, nearly eliminating flare-ups
  • Smart Beam grill light illuminates the entire grill surface from outside the grill
  • Add your favorite juice or wine to the sealed smoker box with dedicated burner for additional flavor
  • Push and turn ignition system similar to an indoor range for easy start-up

DCS Heritage 36-Inch Freestanding Propane Gas Grill With Infrared Burner Kit & Griddle On DCS CAD Cart - BH1-36RGI-L: DCS grills are engineered for people who want to cook just like a professional chef in their own home. This DCS Heritage 36-inch propane gas built-in grill features three 25,000 BTU U-shaped stainless steel burners that push an impressive total of 75,000 BTUs of cooking power and include a heat shield that directs heat upwards, maximizing grilling efficiency. DCS Heritage Collection grills features 3 separate cooking zones. One zone features Ceramic Radiant Technology, which is a layer of ceramic rods placed between the burners and the cooking grate. The rods provide intense, yet even heat, ensuring temperature is consistent across the grilling zone. This zone will also include a double-sided cooking grate with one side that has a gentle curve which supports and handles fish and vegetables while the other side accommodates steaks or other cuts of meat, capturing grease while creating excellent sear lines. The second zone includes an Infrared Hybrid burner that has a stainless steel flame taming mesh screen that covers the burner and a stainless steel rod cooking grate to place over the mesh screen. The searing heat it provides will allow you to achieve a more perfect sear on steaks and chops. The last zone features a griddle plate that takes the place of cooking grate and rests directly over the burner. The griddle provides a level cooking surface with excellent heat distribution. Pancakes, bacon and eggs are easily prepared on this griddle. The DCS Heritage Collection feature a wider range of cooking temperatures with valves that can be turned down to as low as 300 degrees at the grilling surface. The patented Grease Management system effectively channels grease and oil away from the flame while grilling, which greatly reduces flare-ups. The 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner functions perfectly for slow-roasting, and the included rotisserie kit can accommodate up to 50 lbs! The smoker tray is welded closed so you can add your favorite wine or beer into the tray. A dedicated 3,500 BTU smoker burner allows the wood chips to slowly smolder for more layers of flavor. The removable warming rack features a spacious 241 square inch, stainless steel warming area. The push and turn 9-volt battery ignition operates with the ease of an indoor range, and the 40-watt halogen Smart Beam BBQ grill light adds visibility while you grill. Every DCS grills is handcrafted and constructed entirely of heavy gauge, type 304 stainless steel. The temperature gauge allows you to control cooking temperatures. The DCS CAD grill cart is constructed of 18 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel and features a pull-out propane tank storage bin, one small drawer for holding grilling tools, and one large drawer for holding larger items such as wood chips or grill cover. The larger drawer can also be filled with ice to keep drinks or meats chilled.