How To Get The Juiciest BBQ Chicken Ever From Your Grill October 13, 2013

All cooks have their own secret to achieving the juiciest barbeque chicken. From brining to marinating to injecting, we all have tried various different methods — and combinations of these methods — to get the perfect yard bird from the grill or smoker. Well, keep on trying and keep on testing; otherwise, what fun is it?

I won't slow smoke whole chickens anymore. In my opinion, cooking an injected and rubbed whole chicken on high heat, without a doubt, is the perfect recipe for the juiciest, most flavorful chicken.

I have tried various injections, and try to let the chicken sit overnight or at least 8 hours refrigerated. Then I suggest rubbing it down with your preferred rub (I don't use rubs with heavy pepper; I think the John Henry Texas Pig Rub or a Pecan Rub really work well). I like to use Ozark Oak Hardwood charcoal in the offset firebox and heat it up to at least 500°. I put the chickens on the grill, close the to!, and let them go. You will need to turn them periodically to prevent overcooking on the side where the heat and smoke are coming from.

A 4-5 pound bird will go for 1-1.5 hours at this temperature. You can also add other wood, such as apple, cherry or pecan, as well as some fresh herbs, which will get into the smoke and enhance the flavor. Remove the birds and let them rest for 10-15 minutes! Do not cut into them right off the grill or your last 2 hours will be wasted.

The only thing you can do wrong is to forget about the bird and overcook it. Give it shot and let us know what you think.

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